Terms & Conditions Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

Rules of Law Chamber of Rajey Jain for Acceptance of Professional Assignments:

  • 50% Fees on Acceptance of Proforma Invoice.
  • Next 50% on Readiness of the Draft.
  • Hearing Fees Agreed in the Proforma Invoice to be paid 3 days before the date of hearing.
  • Travelling, Stay and Food Arrangements are to be paid by the Clients 3 days before the date of hearing.
  • Out of Packet Expenses will be Extra and a voucher will be submitted for that after returning from the Court and has to be paid within 3 days of submission of voucher in cash.
  • No Telephonic Conversations, No Whatsapp Communications, Only Emails on and From Official Email ID:
  • Fees Once Paid, Will not be refunded back in any case.
  • By Agreeing to this Letter, you acknowledge all the terms and conditions of Law Chamber of Rajey Jain are Well Read, Understood and Accepted.