The National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) is a quasi-judicial body in India that was established under the Companies Act 2013. The NCLT is responsible for dealing with corporate disputes and insolvency resolution proceedings for companies in India. It has the power to adjudicate on matters related to company law, mergers and acquisitions, and insolvency and bankruptcy.

The NCLT has jurisdiction over all companies registered under the Companies Act, including public and private companies, and it has the power to order the winding up of companies that are insolvent or unable to pay their debts. The NCLT also hears appeals against decisions made by the Registrar of Companies, the Central Government, and the National Financial Reporting Authority.

The NCLT is composed of both judicial and technical members who are appointed by the Central Government. The judicial members are drawn from the Indian judiciary, while the technical members are experts in fields such as accountancy, law, and management. The NCLT is headed by a President, who is appointed by the Central Government.

The NCLT has been established to provide a faster and more efficient resolution of corporate disputes and insolvency proceedings. Its aim is to promote a healthy corporate culture and to ensure the protection of the interests of all stakeholders, including creditors, shareholders, and employees.